Habermas zu Leitkultur

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Der Lesetipp zum Sonntag: Jürgen Habermas in der New York Times über den (in der innenpolitischen Debatte der letzten Wochen arg strapazierten) Begriff ‚Leitkultur‘.

Zwei Gedanken:

„To the present day, the idea of the leitkultur depends on the misconception that the liberal state should demand more of its immigrants than learning the language of the country and accepting the principles of the Constitution. We had, and apparently still have, to overcome the view that immigrants are supposed to assimilate the “values” of the majority culture and to adopt its “customs.”“

und sein Resümee

„What is needed in Europe is a revitalized political class that overcomes its own defeatism with a bit more perspective, resoluteness and cooperative spirit. Democracy depends on the belief of the people that there is some scope left for collectively shaping a challenging future.“

Prof. Jürgen Habermas
Leadership and Leitkultur
New York Times 28.10.2010

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